This area will provide pictures of all styles, sizes, prices and additional item dimensions

Our mattresses are available in the following styles and sizes. (Bases are available in every size)

                          Single     King Single     Double   Queen          King

Zen/classic white                 x                      x                          x                     x

Classic                                       x                       x                         x                    x

 Dream comfort                     x                      x                          x                     x

Aspire                                        x                      x                          x                     x

Compose                                  x                      x                          x                     x                 x

Siesta                                         x                      x                          x                     x

Comfort Rest                            x                     x                         x                      x                 x

Harmony                                    x                     x                          x                     x

Bliss                                            x                      x                         x                      x

Selene                                                                x                           x                     x

Savannah                                                           x                         x                     x                 x

Silhouette                                                           x                          x                     x                 x

Serenity                                      x                      x                           x                     x                x

Tranquil                                                                                            x                     x                x

 Posturecare                           x                         x                           x                    x                 x

Comfort Touch                                                                                                        x

Elegance                                                                                                                  x                x

Felicity                                                                                              x                     x                x

White Pearl – Latex                                                                     x                      x                x

Black Pearl – Memory Foam                                                    x                       x                 x

Pearl Gel                                                                                          x                      x                x

Dovetail                                                                                                                    x                 x 

Ultimate                                                                                                                   x                 x                           

Mattress Supply

Our “core” product Royal Bedding is an imported mattress, the same components (fabric, foam & spring systems) as most of the stock sold throughout major and provincial retailers. The “Royal” brand has been refined over the past 15/18 years to the current high quality stock. Once a supplier to Harvey Norman and Super A Mart (Rural NSW) these mattresses are now predominately sold throughout S.E. Qld and major towns along the Queensland Coastline. The ability to maintain low prices is not due to cheap imports but supplying a quality mattress with similar systems to known brands without the expensive “Super” stores and large advertising campaigns. On comparison with similar styled mattresses in other retailers our prices are between 40% to 70% below their priced article. These are available immediately by individual sale or in large quantities.

The Dovetail and Ultimate are assembled here on the Gold Coast (like the major brands). When ordered these will take between 2-4 weeks to supply.

Our bases are also locally made. Sufficient white stock is held to maintain our same day delivery policy however if you would like a coloured fabric then supplies would only take 7 days to complete. They are constructed from reforested pine supplies.

Mattress Types

  • Basic: Broadcast fabric, multi layered quilting with plastic mesh and white pad. Coil spring systemtypes of mattresses, gold coast, gold coast mattresses products, different mattresses types, cheap mattresses gold coast, bedding gold coast, visit gold coast, makin mattresses
  • Pillow-top:  Broadcast fabric with multi layered quilting, soft feel foam pillow top felt pad with plastic mesh and white pad. Coil spring system
  • Memory foam: Memory foam euro top pocket spring mattress. Plush fabric and quilting. 5cm memory foam with 3cm extra foam topper. Double felt pad layers, 20cm pocket spring system.
    Contours to your body shape, optimizing  support and relieving pressure points. Aiding in a restful deeper sleep.
  • Memory foam GEL: Typically, the gel is added to standard memory foam via tiny beads, before manufacturing. This allows for a cooler product reducing the heat within a mattress.
  • Latex: Plush velour fabric. Multi layered quilting. Latex and foam boxtop, double felt pad layers with white pad and plastic mesh. 20cm pocket spring system. This mattress has the only anti bacterial component.
    Has Antibacterial properties. Encourages natural curvature of your spine during sleep, spreading the pressure of your body weight.


  • Ensemble with castor styles, low profile with legs, ensembles with drawer/s or storage styles
  • Solid pine timber framed Australia made bases. Provided with castors or glides.
  • Bases come with a variety of coloured upholstery fabrics to choose from, please allow time for production.

Bed Heads

  • Profile designer fabrics
  • Foam, fabric and timber construction
  • KD brackets can be provided at a cost.

Spring Systems

Bonnell springs – This spring system is the classic Spring Unit. It is made from round hourglass shaped springs which are tied together to form a mat. A round helical crosswire connects each single spring to a spring unit. Budget mattresses usually have this form of spring system

Pocket springs –Pocket spring mattresses contain pre-stressed springs inserted into individual fleece or cotton pockets and then clipped among one another or glued on top, middle or bottom. It is the point-by-point elasticity that distinguishes itself from others. The greater number of springs allows more flexibility so that the mattress can better support body shape.

This type of system is generally considered as the best that spring units can offer and is normally the most expensive type of product. It is higher priced because manufacturing is more complex.

Different thickness (gauge) of wire in the springs makes a harder or softer mattress. The lower the gauge, the firmer the mattress. The number of zones per mattress type is one of the key quality characteristics of a pocket spring mattress.